Jun 5, 2019

China’s Marine Department relies on Hovertechnics Rescue Hovercraft

Earlier this year, a Hovertechnics Hoverguard 1000 hovercraft was purchased by the Marine Department in China, to be used by the SuiNing Coast Guard in SiChuan Province for rescue operations.

Here, the hovercraft undergoes final test flights and thorough inspections before being shipped to China …

From left: Robbie Sliter, Chris Fitzgerald, Duane Bourlier and Justin Peter.

Recently, the Marines’ hovercraft was featured in emergency rescue drills conducted by the Sichuan Provincial Transportation Department and the Zigong government at the intersection of the Tuojiang and Shi Rivers. More than 200 people from 10+ aquatic emergency departments participated in the exercise ...

Closing ceremony at the conclusion of the rescue drills.
The rescue drills were conducted in order to strengthen water traffic safety and to improve the joint emergency response capacity and deployment speed of multiple rescue departments.

Rescue equipment appearing along with the showcased Hovertechnics hovercraft were drones, intelligent life buoys, underwater robots and other advanced technology.

Hovertechnics Hoverguard 1000 at rescue drill in China.

Li Liqiang, Director of the Safety and Security Department of the Bureau of Transport of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, said, “The use of these smart devices has greatly improved rescue efficiency. And some of the equipment can be used in some extreme environments.”

Hovercraft, of course, are well known for their ability to operate in extreme environments, taking first responders rapidly into areas not accessible by other vehicles.

We at Hovertechnics are honored to contribute to the speed and safety of rescue operations around the world.

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